Ace Frehley Greatest Hits Live

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Greatest Hits Live.
Original Release Date: May 12, 2009
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Live
Label: Megaforce
A1 Rip It Out (Live) 3:42
A2 Breakout (Live) 3:29
A3 Cold Gin (Live) 6:48
B1 Shock Me (Live) 9:43
B2 Rocket Ride (Live) 4:55
B3 Deuce (Live) 4:20
C1 Strangers In A Strange Land (Live) 4:10
C2 Separate (Live) 4:58
C3 N.Y. Groove (Live) 4:54
D1 Rock Soldiers (Live) 7:23
D2 One Plus One (Studio) 3:25
D3 Give It To Me Anyway (Studio)