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Shoe Odor (2-pack)


* Don't cover over odors. ELIMINATE them with Deneve Air Purifying Bags. The perfect natural air freshener solution to smelly shoes, stuffy closets, mildewy laundry storage, and stinky gym bags. The 100% bamboo charcoal bag allows the air purifying bags to ABSORB odors instead of trying to cover over them.
* Instead of buying new air fresheners every 30 days, use the Deneve Air Purifying Bags for an ASTONISHING 2 years! To refresh them, simply leave them in the sun for one hour once a month. This allows you to have constant freshness in ANY space.
* A 100% ORGANIC solution. Made with ZERO fragrances and ZERO chemicals, the bamboo charcoal naturally absorbs odors, moisture, and bacteria.