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Advanced Soundz Air Beatz Bluetooth Wireless Cell Phone Headset

* Hands-Free operation - Use your Bluetooth wireless headphones to enjoy your favorite music - Provides optimal safety & enjoyment when driving
* Best Bluetooth headphones for hands-free cycling, motorcycling, driving to & from work, or working out at the gym
* Bluetooth headset sound quality designed by a professional acoustics engineer for best Bass, Treble & EQ response - No need to limit yourself as it features a reception range of 30 FT - Your ears will love it!
* Pairs easily with most popular smart phones with NFC connection like iPhone, iPad, LG, Nokia, Samsung & Android & more
* Features longer battery life than other Bluetooth headphones - Enjoy 20 hours talk time and 360 hours of standby time with this version V4.1 bluetooth and 200 mAh battery