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Mavel Training Pads for Dogs and Cats (50 count)

* For Puppies, Older/Adult Dogs, even Cats: Super Absorbing Pee Pad, 7g SAP (Aprox700 ml.) Tired of training pads that overflow or have to be replaced after every use? Mavel housebreaking training pads hold an amazing 4 cups of urine.
* Wee wee training pad stays DRY Top & Bottom! The quick-drying surface prevents him from tracking onto your floors, while the waterproof backing stops seep-through. Convert the liquid to gel so it can't run or drip. Plus, you SAVE MONEY because each pad can be used several times before it reaches capacity.
* ATTRACTANT Scent & Odor Neutralizer Dog Foot Pads Make Your Life Easier! You won't smell the natural attractant, but your dog will! It sends him a territorial signal that he should eliminate here, making your training job easier. The training pads also contain an odor neutralizer to help prevent urine smells in your home.