Classic Accessories commitment to research, design, development and quality have established us as an industry leader in outdoor covers and gear. Now over 60 employees, some overseeing production abroad, share Jacob s unyielding commitment to innovation, collaboration, and quality at every stage of the product lifecycle from design to delivery whether it be a steering wheel cover, an RV cover, or something in between. As a team, we are a proud bunch, working together to uphold our Mission Statement and live up to our name. Features

* Product Type - Tall Back Cushion Foam
* Designed for comfort and support
* Outer layers of open-cell foam enclose a high density core that is resilient but conforms to your shape
* Sewn casing provides a clean finish for the interior stuffing
* Enclosing the raw edges and protecting the foam
* Color - White
* Size - 21 x 23 x 2 in.

Montlake Fadesafe Tall Back Cushion Foam - 21 X 23 X 2 in.

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