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Muck Diving By Nigel Marsh

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Muck diving today is a global phenomenon, with divers travelling around the world to marvel at exotica such as Mimic Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, mantis shrimps, Bobbit Worms, stargazers, frogfish, snake eels, Demon Ghouls and blue-ringed octopus.

This book – the first complete guide to muck diving – explores different muck environments, the history of muck diving, muck diving techniques and photography tips.

It tells you all you need to know about the most popular muck critters, and the best muck diving destinations in the Indo-Pacific, making it a must-have guide for divers everywhere.

Nigel Marsh is an underwater photographer and photo journalist who's work has been published in numerous magazines,newspapers and books, around the world.

Nigel has dived extensively, especially the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea,and also throughout Asia,Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Caribbean.

His underwater photographs have won a number of international photographic competitions.