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Pokemon Black &White Kyurem Mini Figure (T18080)

by Pokemon
* Kyurem is known as the Boundary Pokémon.
* It resembles a large bipedal gray dragon with various icy appendages. Kyurem has small arms, wings with two large claws (with the right wing noticeably shorter than the left), a long tail that ends in a fork, a head covered by ice with yellow eyes, and a very long, slender neck.
* A legend behind the Pokémon states that it came to Earth on an icy meteor from space.
* At night, it came to Lacunosa Town to terrorize and to eat its inhabitants, causing the residents of the town to lock their doors at night and never exit their house unless the sun is up.
* Another legend states that it is solely the living corpse of the ancient dragon that both Reshiram and Zekrom split from after its original owners had a conflict with each other on how to rule the Unova region.