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30% OFF of All T.S. Shure Toys! Discount applies at Checkout.
30% OFF of All T.S. Shure Toys! Discount applies at Checkout.

Solid Cordz 6ft 4k HDMI Cable

* HIGHEST QUALITY CONSTRUCTION! We aim to ensure the best possible picture and sound, no matter what. These heavy-duty cords have gold-plated connectors with high quality copper conductors to ensure maximum durability and optimal signal strength
* COMPATIBLE ACROSS ALL FORMATS! Why run a dozen different cords and connectors across your entertainment system when one will do the job of all of them? These cords are backwards compatible with any HDMI port. Just plug and play and they are ready to go.
* LIFETIME WARRANTY! Rest easy with our limited lifetime guarantee. If you aren't satisfied in any way, contact us and we will make sure you are taken care of.
* SAFE AND DURABLE! No need to worry about inferior products damaging your equipment. Our Category 2 Certified and Double-shielded 28AWG cords protect against interference so they will not only last a lifetime but make sure your signal is the absolute best.
* YOU'LL NEVER NEED ANOTHER HDMI CORD! These HDMI cables work with nearly anything that is HDMI compatible, so you can use them with you Blu-Ray Players, Computer Monitors, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and even 4K electronics!