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The WetPet Mat by Petfiniti

  • No longer worry about your doggy entering your house with mud on their paws, just spread out the doormat at your door. Unlike others our pet mat is designed to fit under most doors without any problems.
  • Skid free natural real rubber floor gripping bottom prevents any water or liquids from leaking out, exclusively designed and engineered unlike other mats that are made out of PVC or Fabric.
  • Long and strong hair strands make sure that your house stays squeaky clean.
  • Constructed with double basting and even stitching for strong durability and everlasting use! Your dog will not want to get off!
  • The dirty dog mat is made out of microfiber material designed to dry up to five times faster
  • Our mats have a GSM abosrption rate of 3200 significantly higher than our competitors that generally have GSM's from 1000 to 1800