1Easylife Professional Ceramic Knife Set

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3 Pieces Includes 6″ Chef’s, 4″ Paring Knives and a Peeler, Black Handle and Black Blade in Gift Box (Black in Gift Box)


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3 Pieces Includes 6″ Chef’s, 4″ Paring Knives and a Peeler, Black Handle and Black Blade in Gift Box (Black in Gift Box)

1Easylife Ceramic Pairing Knives just have one job, and they do it better than any other knives that are out in the market.” They slice “with good blades let you slice vegetable so thin, boneless meat for dicing, even slicing pizzas and pastries~ slicing without tearing and fruits.

Ceramic blades are extremely resistant to bacteria’s, which implies reduced chance of food contamination.
They are so lightweight exceptional and comfortable to use, with non sticky surface that easy to clean up with water.


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